Stage Locations for Big Muddy Blues Festival

Big Muddy Blues Festival on Laclede's Landing

Double-click for a full-size map.

 With 30 Blues, Soul and R&B musicians playing over two days, two stages is better than one. At Big Muddy Blues Festival, we know that three stages are even better! Check out the map above for this year’s stage locations. The Anheuser Busch main stage (Location B) is at 700 N. First Street at the base of the “grassy knoll.” This is where you can go to see Booker T, Moreland & Arbuckle and all the best national performers. ‘Location A’ is at Second & Lucas  and ‘Location C’ is located at 2nd and Morgan. These two satellite stages will feature local and regional Blues musicians.

With all three stages going at once, music fans have a lot of options on where to go and who to listen to at Big Muddy Blues Festival. Check the full schedule in our ‘About’ section and plan on visiting all three stages!


One response to “Stage Locations for Big Muddy Blues Festival

  1. This was a great day, on Saturday, in the beautiful sun with all of the great people that showed up and the music was great. I think the schedule might have been upside down though. The Navy band and Moreland and Arbuckle were the best of the day!
    However, the young women shaking their “cheeks” and dressed in basically underwear came close to ruining my day! There were children there. Would you want your daughters to be socialized to think that that is their function in our society? To be sexually appraised by a crowd of drunken men? Unless your male, in your twenties, with no family yet, (hmmmm) I don’t think you appreciated this!
    If this is there next year it will be the last year I spend my money at this festival. I patronized Hannegan’s for lunch and bought plenty of beer and 25$ parking.

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