Sonny Landreth Headlines 2011 Big Muddy Blues Festival

The main stage is set for this year’s Big Muddy Blues Festival, and we’re excited to announce our closing performer, Sonny Landreth, who will take the main stage at 9:00 pm on Sunday, September 4th as the festivals final performance.

Sonny landreth performs Sept. 4 at Big Muddy Blues Festival in St. LouisLandreth is arguably the most talented and inventive slide guitarist out there today. Starting at a very young age, the “king of slydeco” began practicing his craft, experimenting with new ways to play and discovering new sounds. Using a pinky slide for more freedom of movement, Landreth now incorporates everything from plucks, taps and slaps even while layering in difficult chord fragments above the slide.

“Unbelievably talented guitarist” isn’t his only claim to fame though. Landreth is an accomplished songwriter as well, having collaborated with the likes of Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Jimmy Buffett, Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. To date, Landreth has released 10 albums, including the 2009 re-release and expansion of Levee Town and 2008’s From The Reach on which he utilized many of the previously mentioned artists.

Landreth with be playing at the Budweiser Main Stage (700 N. First Street) on Sunday, September 4th, starting at 9:00 p.m. Access wristbands for the main stage are available day-of-show for $10.00 per day or can be ordered online in advance. Visit the Big Muddy Blues Festival Event Page to learn more and order your tickets.


3 responses to “Sonny Landreth Headlines 2011 Big Muddy Blues Festival

  1. Great to learn Sonny Landreth is returning to the BMBF! Sonny ROCKS the BLUES! Looking forward to attending.

  2. Use to be free. Now it’s $10 off the top to see the ONE performer that I think is brilliant, the beer will be overpriced and so, I can’t afford to go. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll hang out with friends instead this year. Big Muddy BLues festival? I’m done with you. Good luck in your money making endeavors.

  3. With my ongoing involvement with a variety of non-profit organizations that plan and expedite public events, I fully appreciate the challenges of securing financial event sponsors among today’s financial climate. I appreciate the efforts of the BMBF planning group to organize a great line-up of talent for the 2012 event I will gladly pay the nominal entrance fee for experience this year’s talent!

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