Big Muddy Blues Festival is St. Louis’ long-running Blues-focused music event, annually bringing in crowds up to and exceeding 80,000 and featuring over 30 nationally-known and locally popular Blues, Soul and R&B bands and artists. The event takes place annually over Labor Day weekend in St. Louis’ historic Laclede’s Landing entertainment and dining district and is presented by the Laclede’s Landing Merchants Association, a 501(c)3 organization, with grants from the Regional Arts Commission and the Missouri Arts Council.

2011 Big Muddy Blues Festival:
Date: Saturday, September 3rd and Sunday, September 4th

Time: 1pm to 11:00pm, each day

Historic Laclede’s Landing, with its cobblestone streets and century-old buildings, is adjacent to the Mississippi River, just north of the Gateway Arch and is accessible via the Arch-Laclede’s Landing Metrolink station stop. Laclede’s Landing offers many convenient parking lots and garages. For more information on the event and Laclede’s Landing in general, visit www.lacledeslanding.com or join the Laclede’s Landing Facebook page.

Additional contact information:
e-mail: info@lacledeslanding.com
phone: (314) 241-5875


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  1. Curious about the Rum Drum Ramblers. We really enjoyed them at last year’s festival, but notice they’re not listed on this year’s schedule. They even put on a wonderful sidewalk performance after they had their stage time… Any known reason for no listing this year?

  2. The Rum Drum Ramblers were great last year! Unfortunately, if we kept the same schedule every year, Big Muddy would lose some of its appeal, so RDR – along with many more of last year’s performers – weren’t scheduled. The bands we have this year are top-notch too though, David, and hopefully you’ll be making the same comment next year about some of them!

    Thanks for the comment, and see you at Big Muddy Blues Festival!

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  4. samantha davidson

    My grandmother will be performing on Sunday September 5th at the Blues Festival at 8pm, the lovely Ms. Barbara Carr. Come out and Groove with my gma, Im telling you its a show!!!!!!

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  6. christopher scribner

    I was happy to see the addition of Booker T to the lineup — but it’s not clear from various listings if he’s performing solo, or if the MGs will be here as well — clarification please?
    Between the excellent performers and the beautiful forecast, I think this will be one great weekend!

  7. Good question, Christopher.
    It’s Booker T — no MGs. Be assured though that his accompaniment really nails the old MG sound. Laclede’s Landing is incredibly excited to see an iconic bluesman like Booker performing in our little corner of St. Louis.

    Sorry for the confusion. In early promotions, the ‘MGs’ just kind of slipped off the tongue when talking about Booker. Glad you’re excited too — bring everyone you know and everyone they know.

  8. Are there restrictions as to bringing coolers and food and drinks to this event?

  9. What a great line-up,think my friend is going,sounds like fun and I just love the blues!!

  10. How is the addmission charge going to work for the Main Stage?

  11. I’m disappointed that the event if no longer completely free. How, exactly, will the new admission charge for the main stage work? What will be blocked off? Will one be able to walk down first street to visit the vendors without purchasing a main stage wrist band? Please clarify …

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