Purchase Your Tickets

This year, the Budweiser Main Stage (700 N. First Street) will be BY ADMISSION ONLY with the purchase of a general admission ticket. Attendees can purchase their Advance tickets ($8.00/day or $15.00 for both) through the Laclede’s Landing Merchants Association PayPal Account below. Please provide your full, correct mailing address and you will receive your color-coded event wristband(s) in advance of the Big Muddy Blues Festival. Tickets will also be available on the day(s) of the event, for $10.00 per day at the Main Stage entrance. Satellite stages at 2nd/Morgan and 2nd/Lucas remain free to the general public. Go to the Big Muddy Blues Festival Event Page at the Laclede’s Landing website to order your advance tickets at a discount rate.

Limited VIP seating available at $25.00 per day. This guarantees you a reserved seat in front of the main stage throughout the day. The VIP section will receive cocktail service – allowing you to enjoy the show so you don’t have to fight the crowds for a cold one! Advance purchase required for VIP seating. Hurry and get yours today before they are gone!

Ticket Pricing
Saturday, Sept. 3 ONLY $8.00
Sunday, Sept. 4 ONLY $8.00
Two-Day Pass – Sept. 3 and 4 $15.00
VIP Saturday, Sept. 3 ONLY $25.00
VIP Sunday, Sept. 4 ONLY $25.00


26 responses to “Purchase Your Tickets

  1. I ordered tickets and received the envelope and it was empty no wrist bands were in the envelope.

  2. Where can you purchase tickets in person before Sept. 3rd. (prefer in person so they don’t get lost in the mail etc.)

  3. Seriously??? The beauty of the Big Muddy Blues Festival has always been that it was FREE, allowing everyone of all econimic backgrounds to enjoy the St. Louis heritage of blues music. Will people still be able to stand around the “reserved” section, or will we not be allowed anywhere near the main stage?
    I am very unhappy to hear this. I am sure it is just a precursor to charging for the entire event which happened in KC. Just a few short years later they no longer had a blues and jazz festival because the attendance dropped markedly. I hope who ever made this decision reconsiders the ramifications. I’d hate to see this fantastic event disappear.

  4. *economic not econimic!

  5. I remember just a couple years ago there were five stages and three days and it was a free event. Then it went to two days and three stages. Now, they’re charging for the main stage. We’re getting less stuff and having to pay for it. Why bother anymore?

  6. This is total CRAP!..: }:>( !! …….we have been coming downtown for years to see this and have told several of our family and friends about this event…. and have enjoyed it everytime.,.until now… I agree…the beauty of it is that is FREE…..WTH???……same old song and dance…money money and more money…don’t know if we will bother with this event anymore either…we LOVE the blues and have been faithful patrons for years….thanx for taking the beauty and enjoyment out of this for us….we won’t be attending this again.

    ps***….KUDOS to the TRUE musicians who will be at the other “non profitable” stages,… playing their heart out for the love of their music and not their pocketbook.

    • Did you not even read the main page?? They gave an explanation as to why there is a nominal fee **& I DO MEAN SMALL** for one stage out of the whole weekend.

      So because you can’t get it all for nothing, you don’t want it at all??

      Show a little support!

  7. Our friends and us have always looked forward to attending the Big Muddy Blues Festival each Labor Day Weekend. The musicians are top notch, the crowd is friendly and fun loving. It has not been without it’s problems, however. Last year, the portable toilets were literally overflowing into the streets and trash receptacles were not emptied which reflected badly on the event itself. Subway would not allow anyone to use their restrooms without a purchase adding to the sanitation issue, I’m sure.
    So, if we cannot attend main stage events without paying, I can only hope some of that money goes toward improved sanitation at the event. My other thought is that with all of the thousands of people who attend this event, surely the businesses down there could contribute to the cost of the main stage entertainment. And Budweiser, really? Are we not consuming enough Bud for them to underwrite this event and keep it free? Hope whoever thought this up, takes a look at the big picture.

  8. Bottom line is we will all end up losing because of somebody’s greed. The musicians, the businesses on the Landing and the folks who have been loyal fans…we will end up losing some of the best Blues talent and the opportunity to hear and share this river heritage music. In these hard economic times, God knows we need to hear the blues, sing the blues and dance to the music of our roots. Free! Can you feel the music??

  9. For the first time since 1997, our group will not be in attendence.

  10. Thanks for having my back CJA! 🙂 I LOVE your comments about the portable toilets; I hope the powers that be will do something about that issue. I hope you have a good time at the festival!

  11. Thank you Michelvis.

  12. You guys are a bunch of whiners! This festival is relatively cheap fun. If you are that cheap, stay home!

  13. Not whining, Brotha. Just noting what I have seen happen with the Blues and Jazz Fest in KC. I spend plenty of money on drinks, food and parking for the event. I am fortunate to be able to afford it. I am just pointing out that once they start easing it in that it is not free, the next thing you know, you’ll have to have wrist bands for the entire event. Mark my words…within a few years (3-5 or less) there will be an entry fee to attend at all or the Festival will no longer take place. Care to bet???!!!
    And, there are lots of people in the area who CAN’T afford it due to job loss, etc. So, if it they do start charging for the event in total, the attendance WILL DROP dramatically. Just sayin….

  14. I agree with Kathy here! It will be the end of the festival!

  15. Wow, I can’t believe all this negativity! I have been coming to Big Muddy for the last eight years and I’m shocked that they didn’t start charging sooner! It’s only $8 a day to see TEN headlining bands each day on the main stage! You would pay at least that much for cover at a blues bar to see ONE national artist! What is there to complain about? I don’t think the Landing is being greedy at all. Why do you haters feel like you’re entitled to free music? All of these musicians PLAY THEIR HEARTS OUT. How can you say that you “refuse” to pay less than a dollar per act to hear them play?? Guess you complainers never support live music, just the free stuff. And btw, there are still TWO free stages playing local acts all weekend if you don’t want to pay.

  16. Gonna miss it.. it was a fun event..but that’s the way of the world I suppose….

  17. Anyone want to sell their VIP pass for Saturday – I have mine, but my buddy wants to go, too. He’s disabled but he gets where he’s going ok. He just needs a place to sit once he gets there.

  18. I agree that there is something special about free events in St. Louis. But it is also important to remember that the musicians need to be supported financially. In addition, there is significant cost for the technical operations of sound and lights. There is a fine balance that needs to be struck to keep this thing going. Like Kourtney said, compare the cost of one ticket to the main stage to the cost of something like the Lou Fest held last week. A one day pass was $38. Consider $8-$10 a free will offering to ensure that the Big Muddy continues in the future.

  19. cant believe people are bitching over 8 dollars for such a first class event when they happily plunk down 8 dollars for 1 beer. tisk tisk

  20. I think it’s a shame that people are complaining about an event that others work so hard to make happen. Very inconsiderate and self-centered. I understand that sponsorship would be way down, as I’ve tried to get sponsors for 5K’s and the donations started dwindling a couple years ago and have only gotten worse. THANK YOU for continuing your efforts to put this on for such a cheap, cheap price (and many free bands, still) for awesome music!!!

  21. It is not the fee that is the problem. It is the fact that yes greed is taking over for this event. You spend enough money when you go there on food and drinks. You should not have to pay to hear the music also. Who paid for the event in the past? People are in hard time now. Are they trying to say that the free bands are no good. Only the main stage bands. That’s a crock!

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